Journal Articles

(with F. Campante and R. Durante)

Annual Review of Economics. August 2022

Journal of Conflict Resolution. October 2021

(with J. J. Andersen and F. M. Nordvik)

Econometrica. 88 (2). March 2020

(with M. Manacorda)

American Economic Review. 109 (7). July 2019

(with R. Durante and P. Pinotti)

Review of Economics and Statistics. 98 (3). July 2016

(with F. Caselli)

Review of Economics and Statistics. 94 (2). May 2012

(with M. Bruckner and A. Ciccone)

Working Papers

(with M. Manacorda and G. Tabellini)

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(with A. Gupta and J. Ponticelli)

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